Shirley Evelyn a qualified teacher began her career as a College Lecturer, she now teaches in schools part-time.


Shirley Evelyns' art is in Museums in Central and Southern India.

She has been commissioned to provide paintings for Restaurants and Hotels.

Her work is in private collections in the UK. USA. Japan. Middle East and Europe.

Her earlier work was in several retail outlets in the UK.

She has also donated work to charity auctions, one of which is Marwell Zoological Park.

I am a self-taught artist. Self-taught to be defined as studying other wonderful artists who have generously shared their

knowledge and skills through the media.

A searcher for the 'Self', painting has provided me with the vehicle to enter the creative space..where the journey really begins!

The finished work I believe is a product of the dialogue with Consciousness.

My painting experience allows me to enter another dimension of reality revealing the beauty and symphony of life itself.

The subjects become one with me, their presence is holographic.

That creative space allows us all to transcend the ordinary.